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September 03, 2007


Susan Bain

Beautiful and informative website! Sounds like you have a wonderful trip planned to China, both scenic and educational. Full of new, unexplored experiences! Stay safe and in touch when you can.

Jose Hernandez

Nez and Donna,

It's great to know that your flight was great and also that you are having a wonderful time. thank you for sharing your trip, stay safe and keep sharig your trip when you can.

Susan Bain

Keep sharing! This is great!! I can almost picture being there and sipping tea......... Post pictures when you can. Enjoy and stay safe. Susan

Vermillion Asian Arts

What a WONDERFUL adverture and most exciting to see the agenda. A typical HIGH QUALITY Donna and Nez quest. Are you going to offer similar trips to interested parties? The Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes will be a great beginning to clear the mind and bring oneself to a good space enabling you both to enjoy your venture. Travel safely.

Robert & Michael

Jim Shelly and Family

The photos are GREAT please keep posting. It looks like you are having a Wonderful trip. Travel safe and enjoy your experiences

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